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Kirill Skachkov Born March 13, 1989 in Kiev, Ukraine. 2010 Graduated from Lviv State College of Decorative Arts and crafts named after Ivan Trush. 2012 Graduated from Lviv National Academy of Art.


Works of the young artist Kirill Skachkov have appeared in the realm of graphic line art quite recently. Judges and admirers of this branch of art can state that Kirill has achieved considerable results in his creative work within just one year. More than ten exhibitions, words of praise from the jury, winning prizes – all that shows that the young artist has been developing fast and improving his art skills.

Images created by Kirill have remarkable features. In his works of art one can see deep thought and action, resembling either engravings of the Middle Ages or romantic fabulous characters of children’s imagination.

Paying tribute to the classical methods of graphic depiction, the author is actively improving his style of representation, using etching and aquatint.

His desire to master the secrets and mysteries of the graphic line, the deep connection between the black and the white, will definitely bring the young artist to considerable achievements in the realm of graphic art.

Victor Polisskiy
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