Galina Pavlova

12 February 2014

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Galina Pavlova

Galina Pavlova was born 1962 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She graduated with a Master Degree in Fine Arts majoring in Illustration and Book Design in 1987.

After finishing Sofia Fine Arts Academy she devoted her artistic experience to graphic art combining printmaking techniques to create a world of dreamlike fantasy through limited edition art works. These are finely executed, original creations made by Pavlova in her studio.The human presence in her prints is an essential segment of the bridge between the main concept and its visual realization. Grotesque mainly used by Pavlova transforms figures into elegant signs.

Since 2000 Pavlova works in the field of exlibris design. It becomes one the most important parts of her artistic development. First bookmarks were created on Zn plates using intaglio process in a specific combination which she has experienced so far.

Recently she adds to traditional printmaking approach the computer generated design. Pavlova is a regular participant in well-known international exlibris competitions: Ankara (2003); Bodio Lomnago (2005; 2010; 2012); Beijing (2008); Gliwice (2003; 2005; 2007; 2012); Gdansk (2010; 2011); Istanbul (2010); Malbork (2011); Sint Niklaas (2003; 2005; 2009; 2011) etc. Within this decade she has produced more than 50 (C3+C5) and 40 (CGD) bookmarks.

Pavlova also explores the fields of graphic design, cartoons, poster design along with conventional drawings with pen and pencils, aquarelles, left-hand drawing attempts.

The audience interested in graphics and exlibris design can easily recognize Pavlova unique visual fingerprint marked with images of breathtaking beauty.