Yuri Molibozhenko

05 November 2014

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Yuri MolibozhenkoYury Molibozhenko was born in 1960 in Russia, the town Serov of the Sverdlovsk region. He graduated from Kharkov Institute of arts and industry in 1982, Yury has been working in the field of small-scale printings since 1985 (xylograph technique). Yury Molibozhenko participated in the various exhibitions of ex libris in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, China, Italy and Poland in 1985-2014. Now he lives in Russia, Novorossiysk and works as the designer in the advertising agency.

My passion for the ex libris has deep roots, extending from the very childhood, which I spent in the artist’s studio of my father Fedor Dmitrievich Molibozhenko (1927-1980). He was a famous and talented graphic artist, and his interests spread through art in the techniques of etching, xylography, linocut as well as painting. There, in my father’s studio, I touched the process of engraving. My first bookplates were created shortly following the graduation from university (Kharkov city, Ukraine) and were dedicated to my classmates and tutors.

I began my career as an industrial designer at a furniture factory. Now I work for an advertising agency and create various advertising products. To date, I have made 85 ex libris in xylography technique (X2) and X6, but engraving on the wood. For my works I prefer to use boxwood tree as it allows me to present my concepts to the public in the most accurate and precise way. I like to look through the collections of other artists’ works, always paying special attention to the masterpieces of ex libris’ coryphaeuses and trying to take over the best from them.

I especially admire the magnificent works by Gerard Gaudaen, Frank-Ivo van Damme, Anatoly Kalashnikov and Alexandre Shershnev. While making any ex libris I try to think not only about the person, to whom this work is devoted, and his interests, but also remember about books my engravings will belong to. So I seek for the perfect match of the composition, carving, type, ratio of black and white, the personality of the holder and the meaning of the ex libris. I aim my
ex libris to blend with the book, as they are not only the engraving with some particular plot, but the special book signs, which should not be separated from the font texture of the book.

Not so long ago I was happy to make an acquaintance (which further becomes friendship) with the famous art historian and the specialist in the field of exlibris Semen Ivensky from Israel. His strong critics and kind advice help me in my current work. My works have been exhibited in many different countries all over the world, with Russia, Poland, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, China, among others. My works also were presented at the world congress FISAE, held in Naantaly (Finland), in 2012.

My ex libris are kept in the museums and private collections around the globe, their images were published in the catalogues of numerous exhibitions, as well as in professional books and magazines.

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