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Ulyana Turchenko

Ulyana Turchenko I was born in Lviv, Ukraine in 1980. I am a graphic artist that works in original stone lithography technics, I work on ex-libris and free graphic works in her own print studio in Lviv (Ukraine). When I was a bit more than 5 years old I noticed one Aquarelle Art Studio not far from the our home. In time of ordinary school I was additionally learning in the Public Art School named after O. Novakivskogo. I was interested in animation and as a young girl I thought that in future I will work as an animator. When I was 15 years old I went to Art College n.a. Trusha and was learning on a specialty “Graphic artist – printing and publishing designer ”. Here I started to learn printmaking techniques in theory. But at that time there was a big lithography studio In Lviv and I visited it with high enthusiastic. It was my favorite technic. A lot of lviv graphic artists were working in this studio at that time including Oleg Dergachov. I think his creation also made influence on my style.

Later this Studio was fired and up to now it is not reconstructed. In the college I had got a good skill of drawing. I think that this college provides the best drawing school in Lviv. The one of the reason is a perfect discipline that is required from student.

After I graduated the college I was 21 and I found a job as a designer in the advertising agency. In 2 years I created my own design studio that provided design service for advertisement. It was up to 2010 and during this period I didn’t draw much. Generally I made drawing with pencil, ink, tried acrylic. From 2008 next 2 years were years of change when I started to left the advertising design and concentrated to printmaking (mezzotint, lithography). After a long pause we started a small studio in Academy of printmaking so I had gotten a chance to start learn lithography again. But euphoria was not too long. There were not all special stuff and chemistry for lithography and nobody with practical experience to help. So soon I stayed just one who continued working and made investigation in this technique.

So I tried to learn this technique more and more. New ideas, new equipment, paper, trying new inks and experiments with new supplement gave new results. Eventually I made my own lithography studio with all stuff required to work in this technique in a high level. Now it helps to implement my idea in life.

Ulyana Turchenko